Sell your boat well

If you want to sell your boat in the Indian Ocean at the best price, nothing could be simpler. MyBoat Indian Ocean is here to help you.

To begin, it is necessary to carry out the small repairs which are essential on a second-hand boat. Be careful not to spend too much as you would lose the extra money you spent for the repairs. For example, it will be necessary to repaint or change the upholstery of your ship to refurbish it.

Take a look at various boat sales websites such as MyBoat OI and observe the prices of boats in the Indian Ocean for the category that concerns you. Many websites offer to filter the offers by "price of sailboats in Madagascar" or "price of monohulls in Reunion" for example. Compare what is comparable with boats of the same category and the same gauge.

You can then put your boat up for sale online on various sites like ours to attract second-hand boat buyers.

If you receive many requests for information, be careful, either your property is highly sought after or your price is too low. We advise you to have your boat appraised to sell at the right price.

Have your boat appraised in Réunion

It may be preferable to have your second-hand boat appraised to sell at the best price. We suggest that you have your boat appraised in Réunion.

It would be a shame to miss out on a capital gain on the sale of your boat. Having your boat appraised makes it easier to sell and find a buyer for your second-hand boat more quickly.

The information collected by MyBoat are used only to arrange an appointment to estimate your boat.

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