Choose the right boat for you

Do you want to buy a boat in Reunion or Madagascar, but don't know which type of boat will suit you best? New to boating and looking for advice on which boat to buy in the Indian Ocean? This guide is made to give you the basics so that you can differentiate between the different boats for sale on the market and buy the most suitable pleasure boat for your needs.

The different types of boats

It is important to know the types of boats well to make an informed choice in your future acquisition. Your budget will not be the same if you buy a yacht in Mauritius than if you buy a cabin boat in Reunion. In addition, each boat is not necessarily used for the same activities. You should first define your expectations and then consult our guide to the different types of boats to choose the right boat in the Indian Ocean.

The Bowriders

Also called hull-open or open-deck boats, these are the most popular boats because they are affordable and easy to handle.

This type of boat has significant advantages: their maintenance costs are relatively low compared to more upscale boats, plus they are very versatile thanks to their average size and lightness. They are ideal for fishing at sea, water sports, or simple boat trip.

However, it should be noted that their small size makes them sensitive to weather and swell. Bowriders are not made for tackling high waves.


For lovers of traditional navigation, the sailboat will take you everywhere in the Indian Ocean according to the wind.

This type of boat is reserved for initiated people. It is strongly recommended to have in-depth nautical knowledge and good physical condition. In addition, maintenance can quickly become restrictive, sometimes complex and more expensive than for other less technical boats.

However, it should be noted that thanks to the sailboat you will not spend gasoline, your movements are not limited, comfort is more important there than on a simple motor boat.

Sailboats include several categories, including monohulls and multihulls. Catamarans and trimarans are multihulls.

Sailboats do not need a sea license.

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